D.W.I. (Driving While Ignorant)

Driving a 40-ft. rig across the country has given me a unique perspective, perhaps not unlike the one over-the-road truckers know all too well. Perched high above the world, I'm able to view the colossally stupid up close and personal through my enormous, aquarium-like windshield. It's like watching stupid fish in a stupid fish tank.... Continue Reading →

Spring Break 2017!

This week we landed in Port Aransas, Texas, thirty minutes east of Corpus Christi...just in time for spring break 2017 😳😳😳  Uhh, oops. This was totally unplanned. We arrived on Saturday and stayed two nights at Pioneer RV Park. It backs up to the beach, and is just a few minutes walk from RV to... Continue Reading →

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