Shoebox Gold

Holy wow. Jackpot, I guess. Who knew I kept such odd, often times ridiculous, mementos (not the freshmakers) in old shoe boxes?

I always have 2 or 3 shoe boxes in my closet. One is always reserved for receipts for tax purposes. Usually the most accessible since it’s used often. The other two? Not so sure. Guess stuff just starts piling up in there as I feel necessary. Some important. Some, not so much. So in my search for more checks I stumbled onto pure gold:

A movie ticket stub from Beavis & Butthead.


Classic cinema, no doubt. But something inside me at the time must have said, “This is truly a momentous occasion! I must save this and pass along to my children one day because clearly I am fit to raise up a child good, and stuff.”

Then there’s the ticket stub to the Jayhawk Music Fest, headlined by 311. Kind of like a mini, day-long Woodstock at Clinton Lake near Kansas University. Great time. I think.

Ticket stub from U2 concert at Arrowhead Stadium. (I met Bono, Edge and their families once on a train ride from Monaco to Nice, France. For another time.)

Ticket stub from 1995 KU vs MU football game in Lawrence, KS. According to Wikipedia KU won 42-23 and was ranked 11th in the country. Who knew?

Membership card to Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Never did live in the house or pay any dues, but somehow was a member.

PILES of old checkbook carbon copies. Man if that’s not an interesting journey into old spending habits. Lots of pizza… Imo’s, Dominoes, Papa John’s. I’m still the same cook today. Checks for places no longer in business… Circuit City, Famous-Barr, a restaurant called R.L. Steamers (what a dumb name, no wonder they went out of business). Old apartment rent checks (oh if only my mortgage was $350.00 per month). Checks to a doctor’s office to pay off old girlfriend’s boob job. Checks to MOHELA and Department of Education to pay down student loans. (What? Like you never helped someone pay off a boob job. Get over it.) Checks to 24-hour Fitness and the YMCA… you know, when I used to work out. Checks to Edward Jones (ah, saving for the future, good work Jim). And on and on and on. All AT LEAST 11 years old, or older.

Oh look, a receipt and warranty for a vacuum cleaner I had fixed 12 years ago. Necessary. Another warranty, this time for a stereo purchased in college.

2 car titles. Marriage certificate. Social Security cards. 2 passports. Pocket watch from my wedding. Keepers.

A few birthday and anniversary cards I’ve received in recent years. One blank anniversary card that I must have forgotten to give the wife a few years ago. (Score! I don’t have to buy one this year! What? Don’t judge.) And bonus… a blank Christmas card! 2013 is looking up!

And finally, a letter to Santa. Definitely a keeper.

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Dear Santa

A post shared by Jimmy Visney (@jimmylovesbeer) on

If you know how to read phonetically you can make out his list… Dear Santa Claus, I want Trash Packs, Costumes, Captain Underpants, Movies, Wii games, Skylanders, then something I can’t make out and “decorations”, Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon. From Aiden.

Brilliant. Like I said, pure gold.


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