Splitting up is never easy. Sometimes it just becomes necessary. We have nothing to be ashamed of. After all, we gave it our best effort, and held on a long time. Longer than most married couples would have anyway, and for that I hold my head high. I don’t regret the time we shared together. We had some good times. We had our ups and downs like any other couple would have, but in the end the “downs” just outweighed the “ups”. We could feel it coming. So much so that we had discussed splitting up a few times, but it seemed like neither of us wanted to be the one to initiate it. What would everyone think? Where would we go? Who gets the framed artwork and the fake tree?

Ugh. Separating your “stuff”. As if going your separate ways isn’t hard enough, then you have to decide who gets what. And really, it’s all just junk you accumulate along the way that no one really wants until you find yourself facing the possibility of starting over. Then suddenly you HAVE to HAVE that plant.

“After all, I picked it out.”
“No, I picked it out, YOU didn’t even want it.”

Things can get petty if you let them.

I don’t think either of us will forget the time we spent together, mostly working. And really that’s all we seemed to do together… work… which inevitably led to our decision to part ways. 

Don’t pity me. Don’t cry for her. While it’s the end of one chapter in my life, this will undoubtedly usher in a fresh start… for both of us. I wish her all the best. And I can honestly say we’ll both be better off in the end. She will be able to breathe again and find the peace she’s been searching for… peace that’s alluded us both as we’ve been together these years.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone gave us much of a chance to begin with. We always got confused looks when we would tell people our arrangement. No one could understand how we did it. We would laugh it off, smile and make little jokes.

Three years is a long time for 2 people to be together, so close to each other. We were literally right on top of each other. No matter which way I turned, she was there. I just needed space. And I’m sure she would say the same.

I know I’ll still see her every day. We do work for the same company. I won’t let it get awkward though. I mean, it’s not like we’re getting divorced or anything, she’s just moving offices.

If you need me, I’ll be by myself in my OWN office now, and she’ll be in hers… just 12 more steps down the hall from me… second door on the left. The one with MY fake tree in it.


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