Getting Strong Now

It can get a bit disorienting living on the run. Not that we're running from something, but it kinda feels like it at times. Like we're outlaws. Picking up and moving every couple days. Here 2 days, there 3 days, here 1 day. Seems like we've been in a mad rush ever since we left... Continue Reading →

Small Victories, Crushing Defeats

Owning an RV has been a roller coaster of emotion, and for a guy as emotionally unstable as me, another ride with huge peaks and deep valleys is exactly what I need in my life. 😳 Each day brings new challenges. And it seems as if each accomplishment only exposes 3 more obstacles to overcome.... Continue Reading →

It’s Just Stuff

I'm surrounded by "stuff" and often times it makes me uncomfortable. Unsettled. Anxious. For me, getting rid of "stuff" brings a great sense of relief. I feel less... burdened. Like a weight has been lifted. I'm always pulling things out of drawers and closets, the garage, or the kids playroom to sell, donate, or just... Continue Reading →

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