So after purging a bit of the dark side in that last blog, thought I would fill this one with a glimmer of light:

The first sip of a properly poured Guinness. Thick, creamy goodness that rivals any dessert.

Movie previews. Sometimes better than the movies I go to see.

Winds before heavy spring/summer rain. Love how the temperature plummets and everything smells fresh. Then I have to replace my roof.

My children’s laughter. Sometimes Aiden will pee if he laughs too hard, which in turn makes me laugh harder. We go through some underwear at our house.

Crawling into a clean, cold and perfectly-made bed. The wife hates cold sheets. So I heat ’em up. Get it? Get it? Because I bring the heat. No? Never mind.

Nice, quiet hotel rooms. I could live in a hotel. Seriously. I could draw the shades and not leave the room for a week.

“A nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe.” – Miracle Max

Skittles. A rainbow of fruit awesomeness. Who doesn’t love fruit?

Making people laugh. There’s nothing quite like sitting around with a group of friends, cracking jokes and clowning on each other. Laughter is a great escape… better than any drug.

Discovering your next favorite song. It’s like love at first sight! You’re obsessed! You have to know, right then, who it is. You ask around, you look them up online, and then finally you make them yours. Everything’s going great for a while. You show them off, introduce them to everyone you know, and encourage your friends to get to know them better. Next thing you know EVERYONE has them, and they turn up EVERYWHERE.
“Oh, now you’re so cool because you’re at every party, wedding, professional sports event, even every elevator for cryin’ out loud! You know, too much of a good thing is not good. I just need some space. I just need to clear my head for a bit.”
So you take a drive, and then it happens. You didn’t mean for it to happen, it just does. You weren’t looking for someone new. They were just so different… not like the others. It’s crazy! Like Sirens they captivate you, and lure you in. Now you’re hooked. Again. But this time will be different. This one will last.

Maps. I love maps. Always fascinates me that we’re so small and there’s so much more out there. I want to go everywhere on a map. Especially Rand McNally. I hear it’s nice.

Crossing the finish line. Granted, they were only HALF marathons, but still the feeling is awesome. Awesome enough to keep doing it anyway.

The first sight of my beautiful bride… as she walked towards me down the aisle… of the cruise ship DISCO we were married in. Seriously. Couldn’t make that up. But all that melted away in that first instant I saw her face.

Falling asleep on the beach. Warm sun and a cool ocean breeze… and 7 or 8 frozen drinks… and I’m out. Has to be a nice, out-of-the-way beach though. Don’t like crowds of people. Or just people.

Seeing someone get baptized. Not an infant baptism, rather a real profession of faith baptism. I still shed a tear almost every time, even if I don’t know the person.

Unexpected God moments. I love seeing God move. I would notice it a lot more if I paid better attention, but life and self tend to get in the way. The things He does never cease to amaze me, although it shouldn’t, after all He’s God.

Road trips. I should be an over-the-road trucker I love road trips so much. I love seeing all the ridiculous truck stops and gas stations along the way… Jumpin’ Jimmy’s, Kum & Go (really?), Loaf’n Jug… and they all have assorted awesomeness inside: Dream Catchers, movies that never should have been released, best t-shirts ever, tchotchkes galore, live bait, and all the side burns you can handle.
But seriously, you get to see so much more of this country that way. That, and it gives me a reason to eat all the horrible fast-food and candy I want. Oh, and I get to stay in hotels. I sound like I’m 12.

Lawrence, Kansas. Rivalries aside, it’s just a really great place. The campus is one of the most beautiful in the nation, and downtown Mass St. rocks. I just love everything about the place. Basketball there is pretty good too.

Free stuff. Because who doesn’t love free stuff?!? I’m definitely working in the right industry… it’s all I do, all day long… spend other companies’ money to buy stuff to give away to people. You’re welcome.

This was a bit more difficult than my “Hate” blog. I really had to think about these for a while. Geez, what does that say about me? Troublesome. I fixate on the negative. I’m much more tuned into those things that distract or irritate me, and I allow them to consume my thoughts and dictate my attitude. Damn, now even my “Love” blog is turning negative.

I should be a shrink.

I should see a shrink.

Whatever. I’ll just let the voices in my head battle it out and hope the funny one wins out.

Oh, and I love you all too!


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  1. Glad I asked! Now, it’s not “in order,” I assume, since Guiness comes before God, not to mention your wife and children. But I think if you plotted it on a graph, we would have circles within circles, the MIDPOINT, remember?

  2. Love most of this except, of course, for Kansas being a good basketball town. If you want to see what truly good basketball looks like some day, come up my way. We’ll drive over to Syracuse University and you will get to see greatness at it’s best.

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