Full-Time Swag

Shortly after committing to going full-time, Aimee and I started talking about branding because, well, that’s what we do. I’ve been in the promotional industry for 13 years: 1 as a freelance writer followed by 12 in sales. Aimee for 14, wearing every hat conceivable…sales support, program support, management, therapist, marketing, IT and finally sales. So we know promo. Immediately we started kicking around ideas on how to incorporate our jobs with this RV lifestyle. I reached out to Dana, a giant in the promotional industry and a social media master. He was equally excited about our adventure…actually, maybe even more so. His advice?

“You better swag the s**t outta this!”

Challenge accepted.

And Full-Time Swag was born.


An RV lifestyle whereby (for many) the RV is the only home.

Promotional items, gifts, merchandise, especially as given away for advertising purposes.


With the help of promotional products suppliers that “get it”, we’ll be branding this crazy adventure of ours with the best our industry has to offer. We’ll be field testing those products, plus sharing branding ideas and tips, spotlighting logos we love, and giving away TONS of free awesomeness in every corner of the U.S.  And of course we’ll also highlight some of our amazing destinations; we’ll offer up some Full-Timer tips (that we most likely learn the hard way); and we’ll laugh (or cry) at ourselves endlessly as we continue to figure out this Full-Time lifestyle.

So please, pretty please, follow us on Facebook and on Instagram @ Fulltime.swag, where all of this will play out. We’ll be encouraging everyone we meet to post pictures of themselves with the products we hand out, and to offer up their own honest reviews. We want the good, the bad, and the ugly! If one of our products happens to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, we want them to say so. Or if it’s crap, we want to know that too!

So if you find yourselves on the road in the near future, just follow the trail of tchotchkes westward behind the Beast. I’ll have some free swag for you.



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