RV Life is the ISH! (Part 1)

One week in as full timers and what a journey it’s been. Every bit of the roller coaster I expected it to be. Crazy highs and crazy lows, but I’m personally beginning to deal with the lows like, well, more of an adult. Day one we pass through Columbia, MO and stop to visit a... Continue Reading →

Full-Time Swag

Shortly after committing to going full-time, Aimee and I started talking about branding because, well, that's what we do. I've been in the promotional industry for 13 years: 1 as a freelance writer followed by 12 in sales. Aimee for 14, wearing every hat conceivable...sales support, program support, management, therapist, marketing, IT and finally sales.... Continue Reading →

Day 1

The preceding 48 hours suuuuucked. For the past 9 months I had slowly, methodically packed away our belongings into boxes. (The items we actually kept anyway.) I was careful to mark each box on the outside with it's contents so we would know what was inside. The one thing I kept saying is that I... Continue Reading →

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