"I bet you spent your whole life believing that you, you were born to do something great, make a difference, do something special. Important. But Michael, it's the most ordinary thought anybody ever had." - Quote from the 2011 movie Puncture Damn. That thought has played inside my head more than a few times. Not that... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself and I

The only real dilemma in hanging out with yourself is choosing which voice to follow. I like hanging with me. I'm good company. I really don't mind being alone, even for long periods of time. Being an introspective person I just kind of get lost inside my own head for a while. However, being married with... Continue Reading →

Juice This

It's amazing! It's fantastic! It slices! It dices! It mows the lawn and takes out the trash! **Actual results may vary, but I'm definitely smitten with my NutriBullet.  Should have called it NutriAWEsome.** Seriously though... Best. Present. Ever. Who needs teeth?!? I'll drink my meals from now on thank you. And here I felt sorry for... Continue Reading →


N'awlins is a curious beast in the daylight... the morning after. The whole of Bourbon simultaneously does the walk of shame. The veil of darkness and alluring neon lights is lifted to reveal a decrepit cesspool of rotting buildings and potholed streets littered with broken beads and shame. If the actual "walk of shame" had a... Continue Reading →

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