Road Sweet Road

It had been 3 weeks and 2 days since last we saw The Beast. We left it at a body shop in Phoenix to have the back end repaired (recall the Florence, OR magically moving stump incident) while we returned home to St. Louis for Christmas and New Years.  Would the Beast remember us? Would... Continue Reading →

D.W.I. (Driving While Ignorant)

Driving a 40-ft. rig across the country has given me a unique perspective, perhaps not unlike the one over-the-road truckers know all too well. Perched high above the world, I'm able to view the colossally stupid up close and personal through my enormous, aquarium-like windshield. It's like watching stupid fish in a stupid fish tank.... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks

Two weeks to go. No RV. Our house is virtually empty now. Sound echoes around the rooms and off bare walls. The living room resembles a college dorm, or maybe a foreclosure...two bean bags, no tables or lamps, papasan chair perpetually turned on it's side, two video gaming seats positioned in front of the TV...... Continue Reading →

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