Full-Time Swag

Shortly after committing to going full-time, Aimee and I started talking about branding because, well, that's what we do. I've been in the promotional industry for 13 years: 1 as a freelance writer followed by 12 in sales. Aimee for 14, wearing every hat conceivable...sales support, program support, management, therapist, marketing, IT and finally sales.... Continue Reading →

Day 1

The preceding 48 hours suuuuucked. For the past 9 months I had slowly, methodically packed away our belongings into boxes. (The items we actually kept anyway.) I was careful to mark each box on the outside with it's contents so we would know what was inside. The one thing I kept saying is that I... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks

Two weeks to go. No RV. Our house is virtually empty now. Sound echoes around the rooms and off bare walls. The living room resembles a college dorm, or maybe a foreclosure...two bean bags, no tables or lamps, papasan chair perpetually turned on it's side, two video gaming seats positioned in front of the TV...... Continue Reading →

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