Full-Time Swag

Shortly after committing to going full-time, Aimee and I started talking about branding because, well, that's what we do. I've been in the promotional industry for 13 years: 1 as a freelance writer followed by 12 in sales. Aimee for 14, wearing every hat conceivable...sales support, program support, management, therapist, marketing, IT and finally sales.... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Tango…For the Love of Please!

Brought my boys and their friend down to Byerly RV to pick up the Beast. Thought they might get a kick out of riding in it, even if it was just from one repair shop to the next. They're weren't really enthused, because it meant leaving their video games for an hour or so, but... Continue Reading →

Day 1

The preceding 48 hours suuuuucked. For the past 9 months I had slowly, methodically packed away our belongings into boxes. (The items we actually kept anyway.) I was careful to mark each box on the outside with it's contents so we would know what was inside. The one thing I kept saying is that I... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks

Two weeks to go. No RV. Our house is virtually empty now. Sound echoes around the rooms and off bare walls. The living room resembles a college dorm, or maybe a foreclosure...two bean bags, no tables or lamps, papasan chair perpetually turned on it's side, two video gaming seats positioned in front of the TV...... Continue Reading →

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